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Friday, March 29th, 2013

The fact that I am not a consistent blogger should not come as a surprise. When I started my blog I made the decision that I wanted it to be about art. Anything personal I decided to post on my blog had to relate to art. It was and is not my intention for my blog to be offer insight into my thoughts on politics or issues in our society, it is not here to be a daily recap of how “perfect” my life is, offer people the latest update on my workout schedule or use t how awesome my cats are. You have to understand this is hard because my cats are pretty awesome. Anyway, with conversations about art being the goal of my blog as I have gotten bogged down in school it gets really hard to step away and write for “fun.”  

So between my slow updating of content and the restrictive focus it may mean that no one in fact reads my blog, and while I understand that then kind of defeats the whole purpose of having a blog, I am not sure I really want readers enough to change my concept yet. 

Anyway, among the things that I do need to update on my blog one of the smaller things was my blog roll. It has been out of date for a while with dead blogs remaining on the list and some of the art blogs I look often  were missing. So now I have a new and improved blog roll, places where people do consistently update their blog. A few of the new blogs include Artdaily (which is actually a little too prolific for my taste), Artfixdaily, SAM, and The Jealous Curator

I really like the jealous curator, the curator makes me wish that I was in the position to be an art collector. While not every post is about work that I would hang in my house, far too many are and others, like these yarn bombing mushrooms, just so much fun that I cannot help but smile.

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