Accident December 2003

I was the last car in a 5 car accident traveling south on Route 28. The speed was "estimated" at 20 mph because we were merging not actual speed isn't known. Noticing the hard braking of the Dodge Durango in front of me, I matched braking and checked my rear view mirror to see if the car behind me was going to stop. The split second I looked back was enough for the Durango to hit the Silverado in front of him and come to a complete stop. All my weight on the brake and ABS doing its job just wasn't enough and I knew it. I steered as far right as I could into the adjacent lane to "off-center" the impact. His high bumper and my hard braking nose dive caused me to slide underneath the back of his car.

The airbag did not deply because of the off-center and higher than usual impact. The only lasting injury is a messed up wrist from bracing on the steering wheel. It seems there is no long term injury though.

Fairfax County Police decide that isn't enough so they give me a ticket for "Failure to maintain control" to the tune of $85. I love cops.

Parts - 3900.73
Body Labor - 1479.60
Paint Labor - 795.60
Mechanical Labor - 345.00
Frame Labor - 120.00
Paint Supplies - 350.00
Towing - 285.00

Subtotal - 7275.93
Tax - 175.53

Total - 7451.46